Tuesday, December 30, 2014

At this time, all 3 of my daughters are around Fort Wayne. Tisha with her husband Chris and their 3 sons, Aiden, Gabriel, Tanis, and expecting, are teachers in Ft. Wayne area schools. Tandy has worked many years at a hydraulic hose plant with her son Parker in school. Danielle graduated from Canterbury schools in Fort Wayne last June and is attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, In. I get to visit with my daughters and grandsons about once a month. I enjoy that meeting time.

I visit the cemetery in Auburn, Annette's grave, to pray a few times a year as I have since her burial in 2008.
It is past Christmas and I am visiting my parents in Polo, Il. for their 64th anniversary with a lot of family members. I have conditions that have remained the same now for the last 7+ years, dizzy, no taste, no smell, runny nose. The Absolute Angel service is still assisting taking me to doctor, dentist, grocery, place to walk, haircut, church, clean my apartment. I have reduced the number of days with Angel assistance since over these past years I have eliminated the other 6 or 10 doctors, counselors, clinics, specialists from my schedule because I got the same explanation, must be a result of traumatic brain injury. I now see 1 doctor, 1 dentist, 1 eye clinic and I'm still here for some reason. I pray daily, part of that prayer is a regular question, why am I still here, I leave my future in God's hands.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am still having dizzy spells

It has been a few months since my last update. I used to have lumps in my throat and coughing spells. I saw some doctors and they tried a variety of medicines and inhalers. I think now after several months of the doctor experiments that I don't wake up in the middle of the night and cough so they must have found a repair for me. I have had dizzy spells for many months now. I have to walk anywhere with a cane I bought last fall. I don't use the cane in my apartment but just walking to the mailbox with Patches my puppy on a leash I have to use the cane. I use it at the grocery store. I have for months after visiting 5 different doctor offices still got a dizzy problem but the last office I visited did some tests on me and found a problem with my inner ear. I don't know which side but I think it is my left inner ear because that is the side of my body that was damaged the most from the accident. I don't remember anything after the accident. Not how I was flown to the hospital or how many hours I was in surgery but I was told about those hours by Annette one time. My memory is very fuzzy but I have remembered some of my youth that I spent with my Grandpa Bowman.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dizzy spells

I haven't been doing too bad. I have been going to see a few doctors because I have been trying to get the lump in my throat and my full sinuses cleared up. The latest doctor has put me on some additional medicine. I don't know what any of it is. Also it doesn't seem to be helping since I still wake up in the middle of the night coughing. I get coughing fits sometimes during the day. Last weekend on Sunday I woke up and was very dizzy. I got out of bed and almost fell to the floor. I had a lot of dizzy spells all day and into Monday. On Tuesday I called the clinic and told them about the dizzy spells and they said they would call me back. The third phone call I got explained that it may be a reaction to the shot I was given when I was at the doctor office. These past couple days have now been not so dizzy. I think the shot has worn off.

Monday, August 16, 2010

PGR gettogether

Last week I got an update email from the Patriot Guard Riders. It told me about a gathering in Fort Wayne that was to be held last Saturday at the Harley store. The Harley store is just across the interstate from me and I told my Angels supervisor that I wanted to attend. I got there at 8AM just as people were arriving and signing in. They lined the motorcycles up in the alley in front of the store. I walked around a bit and talked to a few people that recognized me. I didn't know names of people because my memory is not good but I did remember the name of one of the people because he gave me a ride a year ago Christmas break. He took me to a rest area in Illinois and brother Mike came to join us and take me back to the school I was attending. It was a great time at the Saturday gettogether to see all the motorcycles lined up and leave as a parade with police escort. I stood at the front of the parade and crossed my heart and waved to the riders as they left. It was very touching and I wished I had my Bike again but I know that is not feasable because I have a lot of dizzy spells.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A recent update.

I am living in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. My brothers Mike and Rod came to my place a little over a year ago and found me a better place to live. Then they rented a 20foot truck and moved all my Chicago Bears and Jaycees collectibles to my parents home in Illinois. They had me contact the mover that got us moved from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne and they came and loaded up all the rest of the stuff and moved me to a lower 1story apartment away from the traffic area looking over a pond. I am getting used to this.

Now I have a company called Absolute Angels that comes over to help me get to appointments and clean my apartment. I have an Angel at 7:45am for 2 hours a day except Sunday when they come and take me to church. I am taken for a walk on a regular basis and we go to the Eagle marsh where I have seen Eagles in the past and we see geese.

I have 3 grandsons. 2 of them live in Portland, Oregon and are about 4 and 7 years old. 1 lives in Fort Wayne and I see him from time to time and he is 6 years old.

My daughter Danielle just graduated from 8th grade and is ready for high school. She got an academic award at graduation.

I go to church every Sunday and some of the people there always look for me when I get there because they like  to see what necktie I am wearing. I have almost 200neckties of different holidays and seasons.

I was taken to the Bowman family reunion in July in Turkey Run state park in Indiana by my daughters Tandy and Danielle. They stayed with me for a couple hours while other people got there and then they drove back home to go to work and school. I got to be with all my aunts and uncles at the reunion. After a couple of days of social activity then Mom and Dad loaded me in the truck and headed to Fort Wayne. On the way we were greeted by a group of Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles and escorted all the way to Fort Wayne. When we got to the apartment the PGR people helped move me and Mom and Dad into the apartment and we had treats.

I think I am doing ok. I have dizzy spells a lot. Sometimes I have to sit in my chair and relax for a while to get thru the spell. I walk a bit every couple days. I usually walk my puppydog Patches daily to the mailbox to get the mail. She sleeps in my lap when I sit in my chair and watch TV.

I still don't have some of my memory back. I have recently had a lot of older memories come back to me and I have thought about a lot of old things that happened to me. I still have no ability to smell or taste anything. I am limited on the activity I can get my left arm to do because of the damage my left shoulder went thru. I go to see a doctor every few months and he has me on medicine prescriptions.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A month gone by

After we spent a couple days at Rod's house we drove back to my apartment in Fort Wayne. We stopped and got some groceries that Mom needed and then went home. We visited again for a couple days and then on Sunday Mom and Dad took me to church. After church they brought me home and made their bed with the clean sheets and we cleaned out the fridge so they could leave some good leftovers for me to eat. After a few hours Mom and Dad loaded up in their car and I got hugs and they left. I sat down in my chair and watched TV. From time to time I checked my emails to see if I had a message and then I went to bed after I got the email that told me Mom and Dad made it home. On Monday morning my Angel arrived and took me to the kennel where I had Patches staying while my folks were here. We picked Patches up and took her home and relaxed. I was glad to see my puppy dog.

The next day I went to the church to see my counselor Rick and we talked. He is the only counselor I see now and I am scheduled to see him on a weekly basis for the next several months. I have been to the doctor to have my dizzy and lightheaded spells looked at and he says I am ok. My blood pressure was ok and we talked about my spells and he said I probably needed to take a regular break when I am walking, so I do. Now I am into February and taking a look at my budget.

Christmas stretched me out a little but I got stuff for my daughters that I wanted to. I got each of them a necklace from Kay Jewelry with open hearts and I liked it a lot because I love my daughters and the necklace was a symbol of my heart and their heart linked.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My  Mom and Dad came to my apartment on Christmas eve and took me to the Christmas Eve church service. Then we got back and got ready for bed. The next morning was Christmas and I got up and they got up and we talked. Then after gifts and showers and lunch we got in the truck and went to Jim and Suzie Jordan's house to see Danielle and then Tandy and Parker and Ronna came over  and we had a good time. Then Ruth and Dave Walters came over and we all ate supper together and played cards. Then it was time to leave and we did go home. We went to bed and got up and Tandy and Parker and Ronna came over for lunch and some social time. We had a wonderful time together. Then after they left we had some packing to do to get ready to go to Rod's house and on the way we were going to stop at Janice house in Bloomington to visit. On Sunday after church we went to Walter and Anna's house for a visit with them and Berniece and Byron and Twilight and Dawn. Then we drove home to finish packing for the trip to Rod's. We got to bed and slept ok. We got up on Monday and drove to Janice house and had lunch with them and drove on down to Rod's house. We  got to Rod's house before they got home and found the key where he had it hidden. We moved in and relaxed. Then Rod's got home a bit later and we all had supper. Now I am up a little early and bringing my blogsite up to date.