Friday, November 23, 2018

That's exactly what I wanted! 


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today I went back to Indianapolis to visit people I worked with that I do remember including the owner, Ray Skillman, after talking with many people. Most of them came to me saying hi Jeff, so I had to ask who they were. As soon as I heard the name, I knew who it was. That has become my normal reaction to many people that know me because I have so little real memory. When I met with Larry Weaver, I knew who he was, he asked about some things that he remembered to see if I did, but I had to say I didn't remember, now I don't even  know what the trip was we went on. There are things I see or hear that make something pop in my head, so I write a note, then later, hours or days, try to figure out who to ask if it is a real memory or imaginary. Mostly I get a response that confirms what it was but then whatever I asked about is gone from memory. Oh well, that's my current reality.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

As you can see I have deleted all the past things that used to appear on this blog site. After about 10 years I don't think anyone even bothers going to the site so I deleted the numerous attachments. If someone does come her I can be emailed at: I have changed my email because I was hacked.

At this point, all I can say is I'm still here, disabled, going to church, visit doctor, visit veterans at the VA hospital here in Fort Wayne to say thank you for your service to protect America and listen to the people I see tell me whatever they want to talk about since I did not serve, but my nephew TIM did.